Pakistan Electricity Outlook 2022

This report (the “2022 Outlook”) is the second edition in annual electricity outlooks by LUMS Energy Institute. It presents the results from the independent dispatch model by LUMS Energy Institute (LUMS-EI) of Pakistan’s power system. The 2022 Outlook critically reviews the Indicative Generation Capacity Expansion Plan (IGCEP) 2021 of NTDC and approved by NEPRA. It also forecasts the capacity and energy balance and analyzes the fuel dispatch and the associated financial implications till financial year 2029-30.

Grounded in data and market intelligence, the 2022 Outlook provides a dispassionate analysis of the business-as-usual trajectory of IGCEP 2021 and explores alternate scenarios, to help readers understand the power system of Pakistan, communicate valuable information to policymakers and others interested in learning more about the developments shaping the electricity supply, and enable informed decision-making.

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